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7 Categories,32 Categories, Covering Multiple Industries

  • HSZM-GSA Series

    Fully intelligent high speed double edger line

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  • HSZM-GSB Series

    Fully intelligent high-speed double straight line unit

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  • HSZM-GS Series

    Fully intelligent high-speed double straight line unit

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  • HSZM-G Series

    Fully intelligent high-speed bilateral edging machine L-type unit

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  • HSZYM Series

    Double round edge grinding unit

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  • HSZM Series

    Double straight edge edging unit

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  • HFZM-DS/DE Series

    Fully automatic horizontal glass four-sided edging machine

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Hongda has the core advantage of glass edging

Help the future space of the glass deep processing industry of enterprises

  • High speed edging

    Using a new custom high-speed grinding head motor,High-precision spindle and high-rigidity bearing structure, strong durability,Efficient, stable and energy-saving grinding head design,Enables edging speeds up to 25 m/min.

  • Smart operation

    Self-developed intelligent operating system, Unicom orders, and general control are integrated to easily control the operation of the entire line. Equipped with an industrial Internet network system, it can realize remote monitoring, upgrading, and maintenance.

  • Energy-saving and stable

    Adopting German servo control, stable quality, fully automated production, saving personnel operation, safer, innovative technology in the industry, selection of high-quality materials, lower power consumption, and more environmentally friendly.

Founded in 2010


glass machinery

Hongda is a professional glass deep processing equipment manufacturing
company integrating R&D, production and sales.

We have a group of high-quality professional teams with more than ten-year experience.

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Sales Network

Products are exported to all parts of the country,
and are sold internationally in more than 60 countries and regions such as
Brazil, the United States, Mexico, India, Spain, Iran, Vietnam, Turkey, and Australia.

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